Links: 1761-1769

Spurred on in part by Edmond Halley's appeal, nations sent expeditions around the i recommend viagra discussionsdiscount priced viagra globe in the 18th century to time the transit.  Here are some outside links:

Historical marker for the Rittenhouse Observatory
Thorough list of historical observations of the transit of Venus.  An overview of places where the transit of Venus has been observed in the past and which  could be identified using Google Earth. The stations are listed by sponsoring country and nationality, following the longitudinal position from west to best way to use viagra east. Many entries have links to primary sources; from Steven van it's great! online cheap cialis Roode.
Extensive bibliography for all things related to the 1761 and 1769 transits of Venus; from Robert van Gent.

Ohio State University logo
Humorous introduction to the characters who set out to time the transit of Venus in a collective international effort to quantify the canadian pharmacy scam size of the solar system.  From Richard Pogge.

Sailing ship fires cannon; from UNESCO-17 video
UNESCO -17- Science and Illustration: The Transit of Venus is a high-quality production that chronicles the challenging 18th century expeditions of Chappe, Hell, Cook and others.  Video conveys the confluence of factors in the Age of Enlightenment that propelled the global quest to determine the size of the solar system; 46 minutes.

NASA Astrophysics Data System logoOut of Old Books (Le Gentil and the Transit of Venus), by Helen Sawyer Hogg; scanned from Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1951, and provided by NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS). This four-part series of articles chronicles Le Gentil's thwarted efforts as well as his triumphs, with English translations excerpted from Le Gentil's memoirs: Another version of Out of Old Books (Le Gentil and the Transit of Venus), by Helen Sawyer Hogg, appears at
Le Gentil's autobiography (in French) is available for purchase.
One-Minute Astronomer story What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger features the "epic hardship and bad luck" of astronomer Le Gentil and his travails.
James Cook and the transit of Venus, from NASA Science News
Astronomical Mr. Charles Green, formerly Assistant of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, and Lieut. James Cook, of His Majesty's Ship the Endeavour.  Excerpt from the Endeavour Project archives.

Map of Cook's Circuit of Tahiti
South Seas Project

Transit of Venus 1874
Transit of Venus site emphasizing the 18th and 19th century transits.  Two of cheap viagra for sale online Janssen's photo-heliographic devices are apparently in Australia--one in Melbourne and one in Sydney; from the Melbourne Observatory.
Image of Richmond Observatory, "built by George III, specifically to observe the Transit of Venus in 1769;"  from the Armagh Observatory.
Map of transit of Venus by David Rittenhouse.

Book by James Ferguson: Astronomy Explained...
Book:  Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles : and made easy to those who have not studied mathematics : to which are added, a plain method of finding the distances of all the planets from the sun, by the transit of Venus over the sun's disc, in the year 1761 : an account of Mr. Horrox's observation of the transit of Venus in the year 1639 : and, of the distances of all the planets from the sun, as deduced from observations of the transit in the year 1761.