What is a transit of Venus?

When Venus passes directly between earth and robovero.com the sun, we see the cheepest cialis distant planet as a small dot gliding slowly across the face of the sun.  Historically, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our solar system.  The view is like a front row seat to the transit method, by which we find planets around distant stars.

When is it?

The last transit of Venus occurred June 5-6, 2012.  The next pair of Sun-Venus-Earth alignments will be December 2117 and 2125.  Look for a transit of Mercury in 2016.

What happened in 2012?

People across the globe witnessed and celebrated science in action. Observing parties, public outreach, live webcasts, art exhibits, historic displays, music , and more set the 2012 transit of Venus apart as a collective science experience. 

Transit of Venus at sunset

See A Community Celebrates for a summary of the 2012 Transit of Venus from Michiana.

Transit of Venus Story

Rare Alignment

Sun, Venus, and earth align for transit of Venus
A transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes directly between the sun and earth.  This alignment is rare, coming in pairs that are eight years apart but separated by over a century.  The most recent transits of Venus were a thrilling sight in June 2004 and 2012, with the only now cialis canada generic next transit of Venus pair occurring in December 2117 and 2125. 

Global Expeditions

Parallax angle from two locations
Observers from two locations on www.tevaka.com earth see two distinct paths (red and blue) of Venus across the sun.  The slight difference in times Venus takes, moving from edge to edge, can mathematically unlock the distance from earth to the sun, and thus the size of our solar system.  For 17th & 18th century transits, intrepid explorers set out to best online viagra answer a leading question of buy canadian cialis online mankind.  Not all of them made the voyage back home.

Mystery of "Black Drop"

Simulated black drop smearJust before or after the circular black dot of Venus seems to touch the edge of the sun, a peculiar "black drop effect" sometimes occurs between the contact points.  A ligament of darkness smears the juncture of Venus and the sun.  You can see a similar anomaly if you almost pinch your thumb and forefinger together.  Just before you sense contact, a black feature spans your two digits.

Transits Lead the http://dependablehealthcareservices.com/pa/joycejacob/generic-cialis-from-china Hunt

Kepler mission's field of view near Summer Triangle
Once again, transits are on the leading edge of new discoveries.  The NASA Kepler mission and others are using the transit method to find habitable planets around distant stars.  The Kepler spacecraft monitors over 150,000 stars, looking for periodic dips in their light curves which reveal the presence of only here viagra 100mg companion planets.  You, too, can join this quest for new worlds. 

4-Minute Summary

Video: the Transit of Venus
Animation and www.tevaka.com visual effects by Patrick McPike.

Get Your Gear

Three t-shirt designs

Three designs of T-shirts at reduced price from supporters of Transit of Venus outreach efforts.

Midwest Treasure: TROVE

Midwest Treasure: TROVE
Art exhibits, family activities, a bus tour, historic artifacts, lectures, Logo for TROVE Adventurewebcasts, telescope viewing, and more complemented the visual spectacle near the Michigan-Indiana border.  This hub of 2012 transit of Venus activity in Michiana celebrated the math, science, history, and art of the celestial phenomenon.

Safely See the Sun

Rear projection screen with transiting Venus
Protect your eyes.  There are several safe ways to observe the davenportinstitute.com sun. 
  • Solar filtered telescope
  • Disposable "eclipse shades"
  • Rear projection screen
    (Build a Sun Funnel, above)
  • Live webcast
  • More

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Sousa Composes Transit of Venus March & Novel

 Sheet music 
(piccolo) for Sousa's Transit of Venus MarchCover of Sousa's 
Transit of Venus MarchAmerican bandmaster John Philip Sousa originally composed a spirited Transit of Venus March for the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Joseph Henry, the first Secretary of www.aco.ca the Smithsonian Institution.  The ceremony had been planned to occur before the 1882 transit, but didn't actually happen until April 19, 1883.  Henry, whose statue is i use it cost of levitra now in front of the Smithsonian "Castle" in Washington, D.C., was on the U.S. Transit of Venus Commission.

Images: Library of Congress, Music Division.

Illustration from 
Sousa's Cover of Sousa's 1920 Novel Decades later, Sousa also penned a 1920 novel,Transit of Venus about a fictional voyage by a group of misogynists who embark to photograph a transit of Venus.  Known as the Alimony Club, they purport to viagra with no prescription have disdain for women, until the ship's captain reveals a hidden passenger--his niece Miranda.

Images: Chuck Bueter


Taylor Designing ToV Graphics

Interim logo design

The transitofvenus.org team is pleased to have LM Taylor Design creating graphics for 2012 and beyond.  Artist Lisa Taylor, a product of Spring Arbor College, MI, brings a fresh vision to the 2012 event. 

Read more: Taylor Designing ToV Graphics


One Day at a Time

Headstone of James Higham behind St. Michael's Church in Hoole, EnglandThe fate of James Higham. 

Though the cemetery of  St. Michael's Church is quiet, the little town of Hoole, England, was once the www.aco.ca epicenter of http://wffisher.com/viagra-mexico discovery. 

Read more: One Day at a Time



Google's Zeitgeist feature rated the 2004 Transit of Venus as the world's #1 Most Popular Event for all of June 2004!  The 2012 transit of Venus is the last one in the 21st century--not seen again until 2117.  You don't want to miss this rare dance of the planets!

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