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Communities and companies will be organizing modern adventures to maximize your transit of Venus experience.  See the interactive Locations map on the NASA Sun-Earth Day website for sites hosting transit of Venus programs.

Logo for TROVE: TRansit of Venus
The community near the Michigan-Indiana border, dubbed Michiana, will host multiple attractions that celebrate the 2012 transit of Venus, including a planetarium program, public lecture, performance of John Philip Sousa's Transit of Venus March, art exhibits, historic artifacts on display, the NASA EDGE webcast, activities, transit of Venus beer, and solar-filtered telescopes. Bring your gear and celebrate the riches of this celestial treasure trove: TRansit Of VEnus.

Exclusive 2012 Transit of Venus Tour

Take an exclusive tour of transit of Venus highlights in Indiana, with lectures, art exhibits, historical artifacts on display, webcasts, telescopic sungazing, and a post-transit celebration with Venusian ale at a Michigan microbrewery.  Daylong adventure for $80.00.
Tolaga Bay, on the east coast of New Zealand's north island, will spearhead transit of Venus programs with other partners; from the Royal Society of New Zealand.

InSight Cruises visits Hawaii with Sky & Telescope staff
InSight Cruises is joined by Sky & Telescope's Editor in Chief Robert Naeye with optional observatory visits in Hawaii.

MWT Associates travels with Dave Eicher and Dr. Alex Fillippenko
MWT Associates, Inc., travels to Hawaii with Astronomy Magazine's Editor Dave Eicher and astronomer Dr. Alex Fillippenko.
Solar Eclipse Trips (Betchart Expeditions, Inc.) visits Hawaii with Bill Nye and the Planetary Society.

Eclipse Tours and the Transit of Venus in Turkmenistan
Ring of Fire Expeditions travels through central Asia for 14 days, witnessing the 2012 transit of Venus in Turkmenistan.

TravelQuest tour promo for Tahiti
TravelQuest sets up in Tahiti for 2012 Transit of Venus.

Astronomical Adventures image by H. Cohen
Astronomical Adventures combines the 2012 June transit of Venus and the 2012 May annular eclipse of the Sun from the western USA with a tour of Northern Arizona, Utah and Wyoming.

Map of Explorers tour in Hawaii
Explorers Astronomy Tours will watch the 2012 transit of Venus from Hawaii as part of its Observatories Tour.

South America Classic Tours map of Australia itinerary
South America Classic Tours is off to Australia for 2012 transit of Venus.

Logo of Astro Expeditions
Astro Expeditions takes guests to order cialis pill Hawaii for the 2012 transit of Venus.

Spears Travel visits Hawaii for transit of Venus
Spears Travel suggests it is heading to Hawaii for 2012 transit of Venus. [as of June 2011]
Tropical Sails Corp is considering Hawaii, but seeks input. [posted January 2011]

CompStar Conference in Tahiti - June 4-8, 2012, Arue (Tahiti), French Polynesia
Compact Star conference to be held in Tahiti - June 4-8, 2012, Arue (Tahiti), French Polynesia 

Logo for ICSTARS Astronomy
ICSTARS Astronomy Astronomical Tours travels to Hawaii with group leader Beverly Rother.

Logo for Astro Trails
Astro Trails will visit the leeward side of the island of recommended site buy chinese herbal viagra Hawaii.

Logo for International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET)
The International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) is offering a programme to the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, to view the transit accompanied by an astronaut, astronomer and astronaut trainer. Per Julie Woodcock, "Key features of the programme are astronomy, adventure, leadership, team building & professional development."

Note: This list is provided only as a public service and wow it's great cialis pfizer 50 mg is not an endorsement of any particular company.  To suggest travel and tour opportunities, please contact us.