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Logo for Black Drop Effect Bistro Coffee from Victorian Pantrymisc/334-black-drop-coffee
Black Drop Effect Bistro Coffee commemorates the transit of Venus while paying tribute to the disruptive "black drop" effect that plagued the cialis online no presription observations of earlier astronomers.  Order it online.


T-Shirts and viagra buy india gifts (from people who have supported Transit of Venus outreach and education)

Patrick McPike Taylor Design Transit of Venus Project AstroGear
T-shirt design by Patrick McPike T-shirt designs by Lisa Taylor T-shirt design by Steven van Roode Venus Transit Authority T-shirt from Astrogear

label-audio.jpg (73630 bytes)
Transit of Venus show kit with script, images, soundtrack, etc.; from Great Lakes Planetarium Association.  See contents at

Transit of Venus Beer
The Livery microbrewery in Benton Harbor, MI, is crafting a Venusian ale to commemorate the 2012 transit of Venus.  Look for an upcoming contest to design the beer poster that adorns Transit of Venus beer paraphernalia.